Acc-ColorStone Lids

Receptacle lids

ITEM # Description SIZE WGT
35DM 35 gal. Dome lid 16"x24.5" 30
35PL 35 gal. Pitch in lid 5"x24.25" 25
35PL/AT 35 gal. Pitch in lid w/ ash tray 4"x24.75" 25
35PL/AT 36 gal. Dome lid w/ ash tray 16"x24.5" 30
35/55HL 35 and 55 gal. Hooded lid 12"x26.0" 30
55PL 55 gal. Pitch in lid 6"x29.5" 30
55AT 55 gal. Ash/trash lid 6"x29.5" 30
L26-FL Funnel Lid 21x21x5 7
L26-HL Hooded Lid 21x21x12 10
L26-TC Tray caddy Lid 21x21x14 15
L26-DC Drive up chute lid (2 pieces) 21x21x12 20

      DC          HL           FL          TC

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